[Samba] Samba Users

Gabriel D. Preston gpreston at sgillc.com
Fri Jan 24 14:37:01 GMT 2003

At my previous job as a Network Admin for a university, we had around 
3000 users connected via Samba at any one time.  Because of this, we 
broke up sections of the campus into zones, and gave each zone it's own 
Samba PDC that verified logins against a centralized NIS+ user database. 
 I think we had 12 different samba machines to handle the load.  I hope 
this gives you a better idea of how well it can handle a large number of 


Bradley W. Langhorst wrote:

>On Fri, 2003-01-24 at 04:52, rajsundar at epmltd.com wrote:
>>	My samba is connecting Linux and MSWin .
>>	Can I know how many users(with read and write rights) can access at a time. What is the maximum user limit.
>the number of users is controlled by your hardware...
>i've heard of 100s of simultaneous users on big hardware.

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