[Samba] win98 & samba file server

Robert Adkins raa at impelind.com
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	You should definitely pick up a copy of O'Reilly's "Using Samba" book.   
The book is immeasurably useful, even though it is slightly out of date,   
due to its explanation of how the SMB protocol works and the section   
regarding setting up a Samba PDC for the various MS Operating Systems.

	What I believe to be your issue right now, is that you need to have an   
LMHOSTS file setup and also have your Samba server acting as a "WINS"   
server. Once you have that configured, it is a simple matter of pointing   
each Windows 98 based machine to the Samba server as the "WINS" server.   
At that point, you should be able to join the domain.

	There is a good deal of information that you need to write into the   
LMHOSTS file for Windows 98 machines to see and understand what your   
Domain Controller is.

	One thing you need to do is add the line 'wins server = <ip address of   
your server>' into your smb.conf file.

	Once that is done, you need to create an LMHOSTS file. This file needs   
to have a small number of lines detailing the IP Address of your server   
then resource identifiers, like server/domain name along with a resource   

	For example;	super#1b	batman#1d	batman#20	batman#1c

	Line one states that the machine at IP Address is the   
Domain Controller for the 'super' domain. The line with '1d' in it states   
that the server is a Master Browser. The next line with '20' in it makes   
the server broadcast it is a fileserver. The '1c' designates the server   
as a logon server.

	Once you have all that in place, those Windows 98 machines should be   
fine with connecting to your domain. Note: The above resource names are   
NetBIOS names. So, the Windows machines will require the NetBIOS protocol   
be installed on them as well.

	Hopefully that will take care of your issue.

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thanks Robert

 -I attached my "smb.conf" for you
 -I have not installed any updates on the win98's
 -my samba server has a domain name as "werc.sharif.edu"

thanks alot,thanks alot thanks alot.

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