[Samba] Password Overview

Simon Faulkner simon at titanic.co.uk
Fri Jan 24 08:02:00 GMT 2003

I wonder if anyone would mind explaining Samba Password organisation for the
hard of Samba?

I understand that we have/etc/passwd and /etc/samba/smbpassword
I use /usr/sbin/adduser to add a new Linux user
I use smbpasswd username:username to add a new Samba user

In particular my questions are:

How do I avoid having to enter both Linux AND Samba passwords when we have a
new user?

How can a windows user change their password?

What password system should we use if we have more than 1 Linux box (ie 1
for email/web services and 1 for file share)?

Why is LDAP so hard to do!



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