[Samba] Re: Workstation Trust Accounts

Nicki Messerschmidt, Linksystem Muenchen GmbH n.messerschmidt at buero.link-m.de
Thu Jan 23 15:46:01 GMT 2003

Steve Langasek wrote:
>> I have a really ugly problem, which, as I know is partially selfmade.
>> But to the problem:
>> I have five servers running samba-2.2.3a-12 (latest Debian Woody
>> release) which are controlled by one master server. All of the five
>> servers act as pdc for an own nt-domain. Now to keep the
>> work as low as possible I have this one master server. Via this
>> we/our customer adds/deletes all user accounts. This works as
>> and cvs is my friend here. The users can change their passwords via
>> because the scripts for "passwd program" manage this part.
> Set 'domain master = no', but 'domain logons = yes', on all of the
> "PDCs" except the master.  In an NT4-style domain, it's really not
> feasible to have more than one *primary* domain controller.
Let me guess. If I do it this way samba acts as a pdc but the clients do
not try to update their accounts? Are there any drawbacks using this

Thanks a lot,

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