[Samba] Initial Samba setup

Brian suseuser at rurnt.com
Thu Jan 23 09:37:00 GMT 2003

You might also post your smb.conf file to aid people in assisting you.

I like the shutting down the firewall idea. That could be it.

One other idea I have without seeing the smb.conf is to make sure that 
the IP address of the machine giving you that error is among those 
allowed in smb.conf.  If your smb.conf restricts access to a certain IP 
range, then if this machine is not in that range it would be denied 
access in the way you describe.

Steve wrote:

>My WinXP pro box is seeing the Samba server but I get the following
>error when try to access the server.
>\\Linux is not accessible.  Might not have permission to use this
>network resource.  Contact the administrator to find out if you have
>access permission.s
>The network path was not found.
>I have done a testparm on the smb.conf and all is OK.  I do have a unix,
>samba and a windows user/password that are identical.  I can do a
>smbclient on the xp box and see the shares at that end.
>I currently have the following shares setup on Linux box.
>Share Name	Path			Security
>homes 		All Home Directories	Read/write to all known users
>printers 	All Printers		Printable to everyone
>public 		/home/samba/public	Read/write to everyone
>Steve 		/home/steve		Read/write to all known users
>Being new to Linux let alone Samba I hope I've over looked something
>really simple!
>Help me please!

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