[Samba] samba account question

ni samba at organicmeat.net
Thu Jan 23 07:37:01 GMT 2003

In our ldap, we have people who are in the following objectclasses


by doing a comparison of the exported .ldif files from a (test) person's 
entry before and after using 'smbpasswd -a' on a machine that is 
configured to make those changes back into the directory (instead of in 
the smbpasswd file) i discover that

in addition to
objectclass:  sambaAccount

i also have the following attributes

logonTime: 0
primaryGroupID: 1201
objectClass: sambaAccount
acctFlags: [UX         ]
logoffTime: 2147483647
kickoffTime: 2147483647
pwdLastSet: 1043292599
pwdCanChange: 0
pwdMustChange: 2147483647

I'm trying to build a php page that will promote a user to objectclass: 
sambaAccount -- my question is:  Can I just populate those attributes 
with the above default values?  DisplayName can be generated from cn or 
gecos.   Do i need to use a specific algorithm for generating an rid? 
 Or can I just pick from a range of available numbers?

    thank you very much in advance for your time,

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