[Samba] Re: smbfs + large UID's

Jim jcllings at tsunamicomm.net
Thu Jan 23 02:20:01 GMT 2003

I'm probably talkin' out my hat here (or brainstorming?) and I don't 
know if this is possible but maybe if you used hex numbers or a base X 
number system for uids?

If you use all 24 letters upper *and* lowercase *and* 0-9, that is a 
base 58 number system which fits HUGE numbers in small strings.  :-)
If samba deals with the numbers as if they were strings you could in 
theory do this by changeing the samba.schema definition of uidNumber and 
manageing the uids by script.

Marco Walther wrote:
> [ I'm not on this list, so please include me on the replies! ]
> Hi,
> I've discovered (at least for me and some colleagues;-) the following
> problem on Linux at x86 (2.4.*):
> When we try to mount FS's via smbfs with the option uid=<my_uid> this
> uid can only be 16bits wide:-(  But we have uid's larger than 65536
> which than end up beeing interpreted as %2^16 --> not allowing user-level
> access to the files.
> Is there any work in progress to fix that problem? I'm running Linux
> 2.4.20 and SuSE 8.1 installed samba 2.2.5 but I've also played with
> samba-2.2-cvs as of today.
> Thanks,
> -- Marco

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