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Robert Adkins raa at impelind.com
Wed Jan 22 19:09:30 GMT 2003

	Everyone could setup an auto-responder to send replies to his E-mail   
address that contains instructions on how to properly setup his mail   
filters to skip the auto reply to this and any other mailing lists he is   
associated with.

	Perhaps when his company sees the incredible slow-down on their mail   
server and investigates the issue. They could unplug his machine from   
their network, freeing us all of the scourge his auto responder is   
providing us.

	Of course, he might also feel quite mortified to find out that his inbox   
is filled with some 100,000 E-mails that have directions to keep him from   
being viewed as a techno-illiterate in the future. (Can you imagine how   
long it would take to delete those E-mails using Outlook?)

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I sure *hope* so!

Perhaps if folks who inflicted such things on the list were just
suspended until they requested reinstatement, folks might get a hint!

Is there anything in the mail header that might identify automatic
replies as such, and could be used to filter them?

Not that I'm perfect..... my posts occasionally get bounced for being in
HTML format.


Kristyan Osborne wrote:

>Is it possible to suspend this user from getting mail for a week   
otherwise we are going to get loads of "out of office" reports???????
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>I will be out of the office starting  01/21/2003 and will not return   
>I will respond to your message when I return.  If you have questions
>regarding product licensing, please contact Natalie Rezek, at   
>for any other issues requiring immediate attention, please contact Kevin
>Kilroy at 714-445-5623.

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