[Samba] Samba-to-samba migration

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Wed Jan 22 17:27:01 GMT 2003

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> Try read help on samba swat home page on your 2.2.7 swat www or howto htmls.
> ***How To Configure Samba as a Backup Domain Controller for a Samba PDC***
> But this is only for login good choice, for storing files is problem with
> change home directories to another server when PDC dies...
> For first Q about migration i must say that is not simply. Best setup is
> teoretical downgrade samba on new 9.0 to eq version 2.2.2 then copy all
> config and db files and then upgrade to 2.2.7a.

May be better (since there are 2.2.7 RPMs for 8.1 on the samba ftp
mirrors) to upgrade the 8.1 box to 2.2.7 first, and ensure that's
working fine, then migrate it to 9.0 while keeping the samba version the

> You can try without this but not copy tdb files only overwrite smb.conf and
> smbpasswd plus recreate acounts from passwd 8.1. Plus transfer SIDs of
> machine and domain as is write in uplisted howto.

Well, 2.2.7 stores the domain SID in secrets.tdb, so it would be
essential to take the secrets.tdb. Of course, you should still have a
.SID file for 2.2.2 which you should backup, and 2.2.7 is supposed to be
able to import a .SID file if it finds one ...

But, if you want to run 2.2.2 on Mandrake 9.0 you're on your own ...


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