[Samba] Printer Drivers

Erwin Zierler erwin.zierler at stubainet.at
Wed Jan 22 16:42:39 GMT 2003

Of course, and it's explained in the FAQ and several other documents.
In ever default smb.conf I have seen so far there is a section [printers]
which will get you started. Look for the specail share [print$] and read
everything about it and you will be flying quickly ;-) If you specify your
problem a bit more precisely you might also get alot of useful input
fron this list. Don't forget to give the right details though, like OS,
version of samba, OS of clients trying to connect to the samba box, etc.

At 10:21 22.01.2003 -0600, you wrote:
>Is it possible to have samba share the drivers for Win9X/2K/XP on a
>printer share?
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