[Samba] O Samba Bin Baden--samba is losing it's mind or maybe it's just m e

Airhart, Derrick derrick.airhart at lmco.com
Wed Jan 22 15:50:01 GMT 2003

I have run samba 2.0.4 for several years on sun ultra2 with 2.6 os...I am
using security=domain and join an upstream pdc for password
authentication...all has been well until recently....most remote users in a
different account domain that previously had no access problems are getting
weird screen reflections such as "no pcnfs service available", "the local
device name is already in use", or the user/password window which means no
access....checking the log files i see a denial by the upstream server for
their nt account names....the nt admin guru's swear nothing has
changed.....also i'm getting a looping error for the udp, but i don't think
this is a big deal...any suggestions besides prozac with a whiskey chaser?

Derrick Airhart

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