[Samba] Samba PDC+LDAP on FreeBSD

Long-Sheng Kuo lskuo at fgs.org.tw
Wed Jan 22 10:52:00 GMT 2003

   I am trying to use Samba (2.2.7a)+ LDAP (2.0.25) as PDC on FreeBSD 4.7. 
But it turned out that LDAP is not easy-going!!!

   Without LDAP, things seems fine. I can join the Win2000 machine accounts 
and the shares are all right. However, when configurating samba with ldap 
support, then smbpasswd couldn't work anymore.  I can only use
# smbpasswd -w secretpassword

to add the password for rootdn. Nothing else.

   I read some articles online but very few are especially for FreeBSD. In 
addition, a lot of articles about samba+LDAP didn't detail about the CA 
certificate. I am wondering if there is anyone could help me out this 
problems. I think I need to know:

1. What packages/ports do I need to install? Because most papers of LDAP 
online I could find mentioned little about Openssl. However, as I know, 
it's necessary for the option "ldap ssl = start_tls" in Samba . Also, I 
didn't find any ports of nss_ldap, but nss_ldap was mentioned by all 
samba+LDAP combination. What's wrong with that? nss_ladp didn't support 
FreeBSD? Without nss_ladp, can I still achieve my goal: Samba+ LDAP as PDC?

2. Individual configuration/setting for every package.

3. How to start every service?

Any response would be appreciated.

Long-Sheng   Jan. 22, 03    

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