[Samba] having problems with prf*.tmp files and samba pdc

Sönke Ruempler soenke at ruempler.de
Wed Jan 22 08:56:00 GMT 2003

hello list,

i use samba 2.2 with roaming profiles and windows xp/2000. when windows
client logs in into domain and downloads the profile, i get often the
"access denied" error, if windows downloads a new file.

as i found out, windows downloads a file first as a prf<something>.tmp file
and then renames it and that failes because access is denied then.

i tried to add a line veto oplock files = /prf*.tmp/ in smb.conf global
section (i don't have a profile share, profiles are created unter
$HOME_DIR/profile, but thats ok), deleted all prf*.tmp files on windows
client and on samba server, but that did NOT help. that solution was posted


so what can i do?

regards, soenke.

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