[Samba] RE: xp doesnt log out

Jonathan Dean J.S.Dean at exeter.ac.uk
Wed Jan 22 01:52:01 GMT 2003

'%u' is samba specific. Although you would probably be able to use 
'\\server\%username%' (This would use the windows username).
Just another thought - You could try running 'net use * /d' before log off.


At 18:23 21/01/2003 +0100, Sebastian Schinzel wrote:
> > Try forcing users to reboot the xp machines rather than just logging off.
>Rebooting does not help. Even shutting down a client and waiting about a
>hour does not help.
>I have already tried this a couple of times.
>What about the link to the server? Do you think i should better use
>something like "\\server\%u"? Does Windows know something like %u, or is
>this samba-specific?
>Sebastian Schinzel

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