[Samba] Self-locking files...

C. Cau ccau at itsyn.it
Tue Jan 21 23:14:00 GMT 2003


I've set up a samba server (2.2.7) on a Mandrake 9 (2.4.16xxx on X86); 
everything works fine, except a little recurring problem:

*very* often, clients are forbidden to save the document(s) they've open 
("locked file"); it's enough to modify one char of the filename and the save 
goes fine, of course with another name...

I verified the problem, and also verified that the "locked" file is definitely 
*not* opened by somebody else. Self-locking? :-)

Thus it seems that samba identifies the document as locked, even though the 
client trying to save is the one who opened that file (and the only one with 
that document open).

Any suggestions about what to check next?

Thank you in advance


PS: more info below:

- SERVER: samba server v 2.2.7 (non-A) on Mdk9, fully up-to-date.

- SHARE: security=user (fake Linux accounts; no security problems found); 
browseable=no; oplocks set; wide links disabled; no guests.

- LAN: network et al (apparently) working fine

- CLIENTS: all XP pro SP1 (strange, but none of the XP problems in the FAQ's 

- LAN: network et al (apparently) perfectly fine

- DOCS: the files showing the problems are WinWord or Excel documents, opened 
by Office XP clients.

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