[Samba] Unvisible Shares... - problem!

Michael Hammann Michael.Hammann at IPO-Partner.de
Tue Jan 21 22:54:01 GMT 2003


I have following configuration:

SuSE 8.1-server with some partitions FAT32 (formatted with 
WinXPHome) configured with samba as shares for a WinXPHome-

Under linux, I can see and handle all files on these partitions. Under 
Windows I only can see the foldernames and it seems that the 
folders are empty, but it is really not so. I also can copy files from 
client to server, but after copying I can't see them from client (but 
under linux I can see and handle them). I also can copy whole folders 
from server to client. After copying the new files on the client are also 
unvisible, I only can see the foldernames, too. A "properties" of a just 
copied folder let me see, that the folder really isn't empty... what's the 

Can anybody help me? Thank you and regards,
Mich at el.

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