[Samba] Joining other Samba-Servers to Samba-LDAP-PDC

Matthias Eichler mylists at ame.de
Tue Jan 21 13:35:59 GMT 2003

Hi Everybody,

we have a Samba-PDC with LDAP support running with:
- Debian Linux 3
- Samba 2.2.7
- LDAP 2.0.36-6
- Hostname: MARLEY-TEST
- Workgroup: TEST

The fileserver is running with:
- SuSE Linux 7.4
- Samba 2.2.1a
- Hostname CLAPTON

Some time ago - without LDAP support - I've just had to create a machine
account on the PDC and type # smbpasswd -j TEST on the fileserver and it

With LDAP support this is not working...
The general LDAP support works fine, Workstations can be joined, user
can be authorized and so on...
The machine-account of the fileserver "clapton" is created on the PDC
and it seems to me, that Samba can handle it, because I see some LDAP-
Queries on clapton$ in the smb.log and ther is no error.
But then the PDC queries the account "SAMBATESTCLAPTON", which is not
So I've got the following questions:

1) What is the account "SAMBATESTCLAPTON" for? It was not needed without
   LDAP support?
2) When I create the account "SAMBATESTCLAPTON" in the LDAP directory
   manually, WHERE and HOW do I have to set the settings on my 

Would be great if somebody could help me out here...



Matthias Eichler <mylists at ame.de>
AME Aigner Media & Entertainment

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