[Samba] Setting up samba so XP will login in to a linux box

Marian Mlcoch, Ing mm at tsmp.sk
Tue Jan 21 08:11:01 GMT 2003

First you and everybody must write version of XP you use? HOME (not use
domains!!!) or PRO?
Second when you need use samba as user XXX must create this user on linux
and samba conf files!
        sh: useradd XXX
              smbpasswd -a XXX
and then login to XP as XXX with pass from linux smbpasswd...
If you set domain controler on samba then you must have XP PRO and next join
machine to domain and more more...

If you very new then not use domain only workgroup confs...


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> Hi all
> I am trying to set up Samba on Mandrake 9.0 so that my XP
> Machine will login to my Mandrake server. My windows XP
> machine logins but unable to find the domain I am very new
> to setting up samba to be the domain server so nay help
> would be greatly appreciated.  Also I wanted some help on
> how to make some scripts and how run them and where to
> place them. My windows XP machine sees my Mandrake server
> and can access chares if I login as root . when I try to
> login as my self on the Mandrake box get the message on my
> XP machine saying the domain is not avable and I can not
> login as my self.  To me that mean that it is not login in
> to the server.  Any idea how to fix this?
> Thanks
> David
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