[Samba] Domain trust relationship

Paul Taka takaanna at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 21 07:53:24 GMT 2003


Look at the net command.
net help rpc trustdom
It might help you. If you (or other people) have more informations, contact 
me because with my nt4 servers, it seems these commands don't work yet...

Hi @ all,

I'm new here. (with a little problem :-) )

I want to set up a domain trust relationship between a samba-server
(3.0alpha21) and a windows 2000 server each in a separate domain. It should 
transparently able (e.g.) to login to or use the shares of the respectivly 

I have read that the code for something like this is already implemented but
not tested or documented yet. Has anybody already experiences with this

Thanks. Manu

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