[Samba] Print driver installation problem

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Mon Jan 20 20:53:01 GMT 2003


I am trying to set up a Win98 PC to print to a server running Samba
2.2.3a.  The server has print drivers installed via cupsaddsmb, which
is just a wrapper around the rpcclient addprinter/adddriver/setdriver
functions.  Calls to rpcclient's geprinter and getdriver functions
return valid data.

When I go to install the printer on the Windows 98 client, however,
things start out OK but soon go sour.  I'll double-click on the
printer icon in Explorer (Navigate to \\ralph, double-click on
isdept).  Windows pops up the add printer box, correctly does not ask
me for a driver.  I click Finish and it appears to start copying.  But
then it pops up a box:

  The file '(lots of garbled text here)' on Network printer driver files
  cannot be found.

  Setup had trouble copying a file.  Clock OK to try copying the file
  again.  If this message reappears, quit Setup and then try running
  Setup again.

  Copy files from: \\RALPH\PRINT$\WIN40\0

Now, this "lots of garbled text" does not represent a filename at
all.  It looks something like: |S/+fu|+9|||L8 +p8 ++e +8||||1||

Clicking OK just brings the message back.  Clicking Skip File brings
up a message saying:

  This printer cannot be installed now because its driver (isdept.PPD)
  could not be loaded.  The driver or the INF file may be damaged.
  Restart Windows, and then try again.

I have restarted Windows and tried again -- no go.  The file
isdept.PPD does exist in /etc/samba/drivers/WIN40/0 (where PRINT$ maps
do), and I can mount \\RALPH\PRINT$ on this client machine and access
the file manually from there.

Any ideas?

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