[Samba] IIS, ASP, and File Change Notification

Hal Roberts hroberts at cyber.law.harvard.edu
Mon Jan 20 19:03:00 GMT 2003

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Hal Roberts wrote:
>>I'm running IIS5 on windows 2000 with the root web directory mapped to a
>>samba directory.  Everything works great except for IIS's asp caching.  
>>Unless I explicitly disable asp script file caching, IIS refuses to
>>invalidate cached asp files without a reboot.  Research, including the
>>following MS kb entry, indicates that the problem is that IIS is not
>>getting the file change notification from samba:
>>I traced the code in notify.c and verified that samba is noticing the
>>file change and sending off a notification to IIS, but IIS is evidently
>>not recognizing the message.
>>Any idea what's going on?
>>Following is my compile configuration and my smb.conf.  I'm running
>>samba 2.2.7a on a RedHat 7.2 box with a custom 2.4.19 kernel with
>>ext3/acl support.
> We only send change notify on files on directory deep IIRC.  Check and se 
> if the IIS server is opening a change notify handle on a dircectory and 
> expecting notifications for files at n-depth.

When testing on the script wwwroot/test/test.asp, iis opens up a file change 
notification for wwwroot/test. I think that means that, no, IIS is not 
expecting notifications at n-depth.

As I noted above, samba definitely recognizes that there is a change 
notification on test.asp, and it claims to be sending the notification back to 
the server (I was able to grok the code enough to be able to stick debug 
statements in the appropriate place to verify this).   The server evidently 
just doesn't get the notification.  To be paranoid, I tested the same scenario 
with the share served from a windows and with local files box, and everything 
works fine in those cases, so it definitely is some difference between how 
samba serves the file and how windows serves the file.

I'm very interested in getting this to work correctly, so please let me know 
if there's any other info I can provide.


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