[Samba] xp doesnt log out

Sebastian Schinzel soidberg at web.de
Mon Jan 20 17:32:00 GMT 2003

Hi everyone,

i have set up a server with samba-2.2.3a-12 (Debian Woody) for a network
that is shared with about 100 schools. There are about 50 Clients
(WinXP) with only one local user. They are all in the same workgroup.
The server has security=user and the about 100 usernames from the
So a kid from a given school logs into the Client with the local user
(e.g. user=pc, pass=pc), but has to give a special (school-based)
username and password if it wants to connect to the shares from the
server (There is a link to \\server\ at the desktop). So far so good.

1. school1 logs into the server with username=school1, gets its
/home/schoo1 on the server, does its work and logs out of the client

2. school2 logs into the same client, connects to the server with
username=school2 and gets his own /home/school2 on the server and _also_
the /home/school1 from the previously logged in school1. school2 has
then read/write access to school1! This just happens sometimes on some

I am not very experienced with samba, but I really dont understand, why
this happens. Is this a known problem of xp, that it does remember
username/password from any further logins, or is it my fault with a bad

Is eventually the link to "\\server\" wrong? Should it better be
something like "\\server\%u" ,or "\\server\~" ?

Btw: I will convert the network in a domain, but it has to run with the
workgroup for the next 2-3 weeks, so i hope you guys have an answer for

Thanks in advance,

Sebastian Schinzel

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