[Samba] [OT} Speakeasy.net

Erwin Zierler erwin.zierler at stubainet.at
Mon Jan 20 16:42:00 GMT 2003

I live in Goetzens, Tirol, Austria, Europe, I have a 2Mbit connection with 
perm. IP, it's called Powerline from our local electricity provider - it's 
pretty stable and costs nothing compared to all ADSL or similar technologies
available here.

But I guess that wont help you much ;-)


PS.: followups to private mail please :)

At 10:23 20.01.2003 -0600, you wrote:
>A little off topic this morning...I'm thinking about switching out of
>Comast's clutches to another high-speed service.  I've tried TDS DSL, but
>they were half the speed comast was/is.  I''ve looked into Speakeasy, since
>I heard a few of ya talking about them.  Since I had TDS, that kinda tells
>me I can get DSL.  I live in Mount Juliet, on MT juliet road, behind the
>Arbys/Captain Dee's area.  Any other ideas?
>Thanks  :)

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