[Samba] spoolss.exe

Jesper Claus Christensen jcc at berlingske-it.dk
Mon Jan 20 12:34:00 GMT 2003

Hi there,

I have been using samba for a while with no problems - but I just upgraded
to v. 2.2.7-2. I'm using my samba server as a printserver exec. jobs into a
spooling system, there is abount 250 print shares in the smb.conf file.

Problem One: I'm geting a lot of IPC$ connections, is it possible to get
rid of them ??

Problem Two - and more Important : Some of my users are getting a
"spoolss.exe" error. As far as I can tell it's only the win2000 and NT4
workstations there have this problem - and not all of them, I can't see any
patteren in this error. I would really hate to go back to the prev. version
af samba - but if continues I have no choise....:((


Jesper Christensen
jcc at pop3.bit.dk

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