[Samba] Samba-LDAP - Getting Computer accounts to live in ou=Computers

Ronan Waide waider+samba at waider.ie
Mon Jan 20 12:18:01 GMT 2003

On January 17, dariush at forouher.de said:
> Well, it is not called stable and surely there are still a lot of bugs
> somewhere. We've migrated our ~700 user network from ActiveDirectory to
> samba 3.0 about one month ago, and up to now there are surprisingly few
> problems (3.0 is running on our Domain Controllers only, the
> fileservers

Nice to see someone's testing out this code before I commit my network
to it :)

I'm currently trying to get "net rpc vampire" working with 
"sam backend = ldap". I am a little confused by the absence of an
ldap-adduser script in the Samba CVS HEAD, since without an adduser
script I'm not getting any accounts created. Is Samba supposed to
create the ldap accounts itself, or is the ldap adduser script simply
deprecated, and what are people using to accomplish this right now?

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