[Samba] Adding a machine; I think I am onto something

Dariush Forouher dariush at forouher.de
Sun Jan 19 11:53:01 GMT 2003

Am Son, 2003-01-19 um 10.19 schrieb Jim C:
> libnss-ldap.conf?  I don't seem to have that file anywhere.
> I suppose I should warn you that this is a Mandrake system.  I do have 
> nss-ldap installed as well as pam-ldap.
Well, it might be named different by Mandrake. SuSE's one is somewhere
behind /etc/ldap. Have a look into your docs provided by mandrake or
perform a find after 'ldap'.

Please be aware that samba with with ldap support doesn't behave
different compared with classic samba. The only difference is that the 
samba accounts stuff is now saved in ldap instead smbpasswd. If you
won't create unix accounts (whether local or in ldap makes no
difference) you won't be able to use this accounts with samba.

Why do you wan't to put the machines somewhere else anyway? You can't
hide them before unix because samba uses them. If you wan't to make your
ldap more clear and easier to administrate, just put all your machine
trust accounts into a "folder" below ou=People, e.g.
ou=computers,ou=People,... Samba will find them without changing any

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