[Samba] Samba server setup

Sanjeewa Wijerathne this_is_root at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jan 19 11:29:01 GMT 2003

Hi all.
Im new to this list and Im planing to set up a samba
for a big organisation with 300+ users. I have to
setup file servers on 6 departments and I have 7
servers. My plan is to do just the authnetication form
one server and serve disk from
other 6 servers which are belong to thire own
deparments. I think I have to use "password server ="
option on deparment servers , and configure one
machine to serve authentication. what my problems

[1] How do I setup the main auth server....
     security = USER ?
     preferred master = Yes ?
     domain master = Yes ?
     domain logons = Yes ?
[2] How do I setup file server for depatments ...
     security = DOMAIN ?
     password server = PDC ?
     preferred master = NO ?
     domain master = NO ?
     domain logons = Yes ?

[3] Do I have to add department server to the
auth-domain  to use it as the pawword server ?.
     smbpassword -j DOMAIN -r DEP1_SERVER ?

[4] How do I share a directory of DEPARTMETNT_1 to
only DEPARTMET_3 users.
Thank you.

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