[Samba] Adding a machine; I think I am onto something

Jim C jcllings at tsunamicomm.net
Sun Jan 19 08:38:00 GMT 2003

> What's actually needed is full separation of the search for users and
> computers, and that's not worth it (IMHO) in 2.2.7a if 3.0alpha has it
> already (I believe it does).  I'd rather contribute to 3.0alpha and help
> get it out the door quicker than try to expand functionality on 2.2.7a.

Certainly and I agree, however until 3.0 comes out of beta and gets the 
official stability nod I am stuck with 2.2.7a.  Besides there has to be 
a way to get this going.  I have to assume that the fact that I am the 
only one gripeing about it indicates that most others have it figured 
out and it therefore follows that it *can* be figured out. :-)

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