[Samba] UNIX/SAMBA file permission interaction

Mike McMullen mlm at loanprocessing.net
Sat Jan 18 20:59:01 GMT 2003

> If you're curious, the sticky bit used to have another meaning (which is
> where the name came from). I'm not clear on the details, but it had
> something to do with keeping an executable's code segment in memory even
> if there wasn't an instance running. I'm not sure if any current variety
> of UNIX still implements that behavior, but I think most/all of them do
> support sticky bits on directories (it's particularly important for /tmp
> and /var/tmp).
> -- 
> Michael Heironimus

I'm showing my age I guess but... ;-)

The sticky bit was used as you say to keep an executables code segment
in memory. Back in the days when minicomputers had a whopping 64k or
even 128k of "core" memory, you set the sticky bit so that applications
that were run often started faster (image runup) and you used less memory
and vmemory because the code segment could be shared. It was called
the sticky bit because it stuck around in memory.


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