[Samba] Trusted domains in 3.0

Anton Voronin anton at chelcom.ru
Sat Jan 18 12:00:01 GMT 2003


it appears that interdomain trusts don't work in 3.0alpha, because when 
I am trying to create a trust to my Samba domain on a W2K domain 
"TRUSTDOMAIN" PDC, Samba tries to getpwnam() of 
"TRUSTDOMAIN\Administrator", and if it doesn't exist, samba says that 
domain "TRUSTDOMAIN" not found, so adding trust on Win2K fails with 
message something weird like "Wrong parameter given".

I tried to create a user "TRUSTDOMAIN\Administrator" in my LDAP (which 
getpwnam() asks via NSS), but getpwnam() doesn't find such username.

Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas how to make the trust work are 

Best regards,
Anton Voronin
Intersvyaz JSC
+7 (3512) 655199

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