[Samba] Re: Can't add print drivers for existing printers

D. Aaron McCaleb amccaleb at reed-engineering.com
Fri Jan 17 20:51:03 GMT 2003

Either way, the procedure I stated was "wrong" should have been qualified.
Ian's procedure differed from the one recommended in some of the Samba texts
(most of which -are- sadly out of date) that I had read.

I was only speaking from my experience.  I checked, again, after receiving
your correction and found that it would work, sorta.  If I clicked "New
Driver" from the advanced tab after saying "no" to install a print driver,
it only installed the driver for _that_ version of client.  It never
prompted for other clients.  The sharing tab, from what I could tell, only
loaded drivers for other versions onto the _client_ for downloading from the
client, itself...not from the server.

The only way I was able to get drivers for other versions of windows onto
the server was the procedure I listed.

Still, I am an newbie to all this, afterall!  :-P

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> On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, D. Aaron McCaleb wrote:
> > >Browse to the Samba server
> > >Open the Printers folder
> > >Right-click a printer, select "Properties"
> > >Click "No" when asked if I want to install a print driver
> > >Advanced tab
> > >"New Driver" button
> >
> > This is the wrong procedure for uploading the drivers should be:
> >
> > Browse to the Samba server
> > Open the Printers folder
> > Right-click inside the printers folder (not on a printer)
> > Click "Server Properties"
> > Go to Drivers tab
> > Click Add, Next, and Choose driver or Have Disk
> >        (if you would like to add newer drivers than are on the CD)
> > Click Next and choose driver versions.
> > Browse to correct INF files for each version, as prompted.
> >         (If you get an "access denied" message after if finishes copying
> > driver, you
> >          probably did this out of order.)
> Both methods work equally well.
> cheers, jerry
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