[Samba] is use rhosts = yes still supported?

Jon Niehof jniehof at paladigm.com
Fri Jan 17 16:55:01 GMT 2003

"It seems like the first call into authorise_login never
checks the rlogin (bails at checking for non-blank password
in check_user_equiv) and then drops into guest mode; there
is then a second call which *does* check (and successfully
finds the .rhosts entry) but by this point we're being a
guest so it doesn't do me any good :) I need to have it be
the same username as on the server to have permissions work
out properly."

Throwing in a few more DEBUG statements highlights the 
problem--for some reason the 2K server *never* passes down a 
username unless I use the share%username syntax. This works 
but doesn't exactly give me a warm fuzzy feeling as I'd 
rather have it handled by logged in username. For now though 
it does the job.

Why isn't there support for rhosts in security modes other 
than share?

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