[Samba] Samba Internationalization

deb_dup at club-internet.fr deb_dup at club-internet.fr
Fri Jan 17 16:22:59 GMT 2003


I used with happiness Samba 2.2.3.
Everything works perfectly but I noticed two problems with accented characters; the first one on Samba, the other one on Swat.

I work with a win98 client and a Debian server.
Win98 use codepage 850 but I noticed, in fact, it use codepage 1252 and I suppose that conversion is made with a file called 12520850.cpx. On my Linux box I set up codepage ISO8859-15 or fr_FR at euro locale.

On Samba:
- I let "client code page = 850";
- I set "character set = ISO8859-15";
- I let "valid chars = ", I tryed to pass different values to enable accented characters nothing works.
I checked values between cp1252 and ISO8859-15. If both, are based on Unicode there is some differences between cp1252 and ISO8859-15 entries. For example, 'Euro sign' (Unicode 0x20AC) have a cp1252 value 0x80 and an ISO8859-15 value 0xA4.
Result is from Win98 to Samba, 	'Euro sign' (0x80) turn to a 'control/undefined character' translate by a 'Low line' (0x5F).

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