[Samba] User Profile Migration Solved

john at b2b-composer.com john at b2b-composer.com
Fri Jan 17 11:02:01 GMT 2003

On 17 Jan 2003 at 10:27, Also Sprach Erwin Zierler:

> Migration of User Profiles

<snip most excellent post!>

> and now copy all the contents over the fresh profiles which were just created.
> So you are actually overwriting the local AND the serverbased profiles.

Does this mean the samba needs logon home and logon path and the profiles share 
setting up? I did have them but after trying to match samba with the old NT PDC 
which didn't have roaming, I removed them from the samba setup.

> Hopefully this little document can help some others who are trying to
> achive the same or a similar goal. 

Yup. Thanks for your time, you've saved me a load of work!


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