[Samba] security = server "random" failures

Jon Niehof jniehof at paladigm.com
Thu Jan 16 22:00:01 GMT 2003

> Sounds about standard for security=server.  It's not a nice hack.  Make
> sure nothing is timing out the connection.

Well, it's straight over a crossover cable between two 
servers, so I can't *think* of anything offhand.

> Samba 3.0 includes more protections for security=server, but it is still
> fundamentally flawed.  Why can't you use 'security=domain'?

The 2K box isn't a domain controller, just standalone.

Yes, eventually we'll migrate to The Right Way to do it 
(domain) but for now I'm going for quick hack (thus the 
rhosts approach from the other end).

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