[Samba] Samba and MC/Service Guard

Eric Roseme eroseme at emonster.rose.hp.com
Thu Jan 16 21:16:01 GMT 2003

I believe that the HP Response Center has taken calls from Wal-Mart on 
CIFS/9000 Server (HP's supported version of Samba), so I think that at 
least some Wal-Mart sites are running CIFS/9000.

In any case, CIFS/9000 Server has MCSG scripts (.cntl,.conf,.mon) in 
/opt/samba/HA/ under active_active or active_standby.  In addition, 
there are detailed instructions on how to configure MCSG with the 
relocatable IP address and NetBIOS alias in the README file.  The same 
instructions are available in the CIFS/9000 Server manual.

You can get a copy of the manual at 
http://www.docs.hp.com/hpux/netcom/index.html#CIFS/9000.  You can 
download CIFS/9000 Server for free from

Eric Roseme

Dan Doffermyre wrote:

> Samba friends,
> I work in Wal-Mart's IT department, specifically with Unix Servers of 
> various flavors, but HP-UX is predominant in our Home Office 
> environment. 
> I recently built an two node HA cluster on HP 11.11 boxes.  I want to 
> be able to have Samba use the virtual name of my cluster.  Currently 
> Samba is configured to use the hardcoded box name, however if the box 
> happens to go down, we have to go in and reconfigure the clients to 
> point to the secondary box name.  Sure would be nice to point 
> everything to the virtual name.  So I was wondering if you have any 
> documents that explain how you would go about setting up Samba with 
> HP's MC/Service Guard?
> Thanks,
> Dan Doffermyre
> dadoffe at wal-mart.com
> 805 Moberly Ln.
> Bentonville, AR 72716
> (479)277-3942
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