[Samba] only owner (and root) can change attributes?

Andrew Furey andrew at terminus.net.au
Thu Jan 16 08:43:01 GMT 2003

> if i understand correctly, only the owner, and root, can change
> attributes of a file?
> thus, even though group members may be given permissions to write, and
> delete, a file, they cannot change attributes, without the workaround of
> copying and replacing the file?

I think you're looking for the "dos filemode" option in smb.conf. (Note 
that this doesn't seem to work for directories properly; I'm still 
waiting for a reply from the developers as to whether it's a bug :(

> and do i understand correctly that on winnt and successors, permission
> to change attributes (eg 'everything' permission) can be granted to
> other than the file owner?

If you're looking for permissions more flexible than the simple 
"owner/group/other", you probably need ACL (Access Control List) 
support. There's a number of documents around for setting that up; 
http://acl.bestbits.at/ might be a good start.

Also note that (as far as I know) there's no distinction between "write" 
permissions and Window's extra parameters of "modify", "full control", 
etc. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong...)

Hope this helps.

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