[Samba] only owner (and root) can change attributes?

gregory mott gmott at ntlworld.com
Thu Jan 16 07:24:12 GMT 2003

if i understand correctly, only the owner, and root, can change
attributes of a file?

thus, even though group members may be given permissions to write, and
delete, a file, they cannot change attributes, without the workaround of
copying and replacing the file?

and do i understand correctly that on winnt and successors, permission
to change attributes (eg 'everything' permission) can be granted to
other than the file owner?

does samba provide any facility, perhaps to perform the workaround for
the user when attribute changing permission was supposed to be given?

are there any ponderings in any corner to address the issue?  oh i admit
it, i just can't stand it when the microsnob drones have even the even
the twittiest niggling reason to claim that a linux server is inferior..

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