[Samba] Solaris Samba/WinNT to Win2k Migration Question

Thomas Walter tbw at geo.hunter.cuny.edu
Thu Jan 16 04:54:01 GMT 2003

Hi Everyone,

I have a Samba related question, in regards to our Windows 2000 network.
We recently migrated from NT to
Windows 2000 and currently have 2 Win2k domain controllers and a Samba
server (Solaris 8, users home directories) running
in our network.  My question is for those who may have experienced this:
do you know if we change our domain
from "mixed" to a "native" win2k domain, will we have problems with
clients contacting the samba server.

Microsoft states in order to switch to native, you must have only win2k
domain controllers, so I would tend to
think since Samba is just a file server, that it should be okay.  But
since this is a one time switch, I want
to verify, espeically since we all know stranger things are known to
happen.  Thanks for any input and info!



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