[Samba] Browsing Shared Performance Problem

R. Michael Richer mricher at mirarco.org
Wed Jan 15 19:31:01 GMT 2003

Browsing has been beat to death on this list, and I should know
read them all
  But, I think I found a new problem that I’m looking for
an answer for

Browsing on our network works
 i.e. Opening Network Neighbourhood and
different workgroups, everything flies and is lightning fast.
The other thing that works lightning fast is accessing a share directly
(eg. \\SERVER\Sharename <file:///\\SERVER\Sharename>  from the Windows
Run Line
What is pathetically slow is \\SERVER <file:///\\SERVER>  .. This lists
all the shares and printers on the server.  The performance I get on
this is a share a second (50 shares – 50 approx seconds).  This doesn’t
affect all clients
 The XP boxes that I’ve setup enumerate the list
within 5-10 seconds.  Half the 2000 boxes also enumerate the list within
5-10 seconds.  The other half experience this problem (as well as 9x
I haven’t figured out yet whether or not it’s user-based or server
I’m running 2.2.7a as a PDC with LDAP.  WINS is configured and working.
I will try to obtain logs for everybody

Anybody else run into this?
Side Notes:  I have noticed a couple of odd-ball log messages as well

If anybody has clues on these it may help or be related


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