[Samba] Profile migration again

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Wed Jan 15 19:03:01 GMT 2003


WARNING: If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious
problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft
cannot guarantee that you can solve problems that result from using Registry
Editor incorrectly. Use Registry Editor at your own risk.

To move the locally cached copy of the profile, you will need to know the
security identifier (SID) of the user whose profile you want to move. You
can identify the SID by using GetSID.exe from the Windows NT Server 4.0
Resource Kit.

Windows NT 4.0 stores the local profile information in the registry under
the following key: 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList 

Under the ProfileList key, there will be subkeys named with the SIDs of the
users who have logged on to this computer. (To find the profile information
for the user whose locally cached profile you want to move, find the SID for
the user with the GetSID.exe utility.) Inside of the appropriate user's
subkey, you will see a string value named ProfileImagePath. ProfileImagePath
should be set to a local path where you want to store the profile.

If you do not have a roaming profile and you want to maintain your profile
after you change the locally cached profile path, copy the contents of your
old locally cached profile folder to the new location set in the
ProfileImagePath value. 


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I downloaded the Samba 3.0alpha22cvs version today because I am having 
the same problem.  I did the ./configure, and the make, and found the 
'profiles' utility in the bin directory.  I then ran it against an 
ntuser.dat file that had been copied over to the Unix server from the 
Win2K machine.  This is the output I received:

root at file bin # ./profiles /home/gpreston/ntuser.dat
Registry file size: 364544
First Key Off: 32, Data Block Size: 360448
Next Off: 0, Prev Off: 4096
Type: 2c
SK Off    : 105374
Incorrect SK Header format: 00008AFC

Apparently something is wrong because it can't get a SID from the 
profilefile, so now I am unsure how to go about changing it to the new 
one.  Also, how do I determine a user's new SID on the new system?  I 
know their UID, this is in the smbusers and /etc/passwd file, but am 
unsure on how I determine their SID.  Any more help on the matter?

-Gabe Preston

John H Terpstra wrote:

>On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Erwin Zierler wrote:
>>John H Terpstra jht at samba.org writes:
>>>You see the NTUser.DAT file is keyed to the user's SID and the Domain SID
>>>of the NT4 environment in which they were created. You need to either use
>>>the NT4 procedure as documented in the resource kit for migrating the
>>>profile, something that Microsoft only supports within the one domain
>>>anyhow, or else use the profile editting tool that Richard Sharpe has
>>>provided and that is part of samba-3.0.0 that will appear in the next
>>>alpha. Meanwhile you could download the source from the CVS tree and
>>>compile it yourself. It is called profiles.c. It would be best to build
>>>samba-3.0.0 from the CVS tree as this tool is build automatically when
>>>do it this way.
>>I just compiled the latest snapshot but I can't figure out which program
>>is the one that I would want to use for editing profiles.
>>In source/profile/ I see profile.c and after the build I get only an
>>file (profile.o) - so tried to grep all documents and sourcefiles for
>>something that gives me more info - but no luck.
>Did you download the samba-3.0.0 CVS Code?
>If so, you will find the executable (once you have done the 'make
>bin/profiles') in ~samba/source/utils. It will be called 'profiles' and
>will have been built from the profiles.c in that directory.
>You will need to look at the documentation inside the profiles.c file
>until we can get man pages into the code tree.
>>I must have missed it I guess, doesn't help that it's 5am either :-(
>I guess I could have been clearer with my advice. :(
>>Anyway, migrating 20 w2k workstations from an old NT 4.0 server to
>>samba 2.2.7a has cost me like 24 hours altogether now. I dont even
>>need the PDC functionality, I just dont want to reinstall all those
>>applications and settings on all those client machines ;-)
>And I am sure you would like both legs amputated without anaesthetic!
>Right? :(
>>I wonder if I really have to buy the MS Resource Kit to get the info that
>>is needed to successfully migrate those silly profiles. I figured what
>>I am trying to do is something that other samba admins have faced before?!
>No, it is too late for you to benefit from the resource kit if you have
>already changed to the samba server.
>No, you are NOT the first to have to deal with profile migration issues,
>that's why there is a migration tool now.
>>Has anyone on this list done it? If yes, I'd really appreciate if you can
>>drop me a line.
>If you really need a phone call email me your phone number to
><jht at samba.org> I'll call you to help.
>- John T.

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