[Samba] SMB+LDAP Question ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Wed Jan 15 16:46:01 GMT 2003

>>	I am moving my system from flat files to LDAP.  I have had my users in 
>>LDAP for a while, but then found that my computer accounts for Win2K in 
>>still in passwd. My question is, what are the bare minume LDAP attribs 
>>that I need for them to contiune to work?
> AFAIK, just sambaAccount and related items.
	Mmm, you see, if you have the /etc/passwd entery and do a smbpasswd -a 
-m with LDAP, it creates the sambaAccount stuff in LDAP, but if I delete 
the /etc/passwd without moving it into LDAP, the computer will not logon 
the PDC/Network.

	So now I have a few machine accounts which I want to move into LDAP, so 
I would like to know what I need, at least from and LDAP point of view ...

> In the end, in 2.2.x and non-NUA sam backends in 3.0alpha, you need the
> following to work on any DC:
> $ getent passwd <machine>$
> So, on your DCs, you either need a unix account for the machine in
> /etc/passwd, or an LDAP account with posixAccount and sambaAccount
	Okay, but what does Samba 2.2 need with posixAccount?  I mean, it does 
not need a homedir for anything.  It does not need the Unix password 
stuff.  I currently use the gid, but if it's in LDAP, I don't think I 
need that either.

> BTW, see examples/LDAP/import_smbpasswd.pl in the samba docs if you
> hanen't yet. Should work for importing machine accounts.
	But I would think that "import_smbpasswd.pl" is for importing 
smbpasswd, I need to bring in the passwd, that is why I am asking ...

Again, thanks for your input.

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