[Samba] Profile migration again

Erwin Zierler erwin.zierler at stubainet.at
Wed Jan 15 04:11:02 GMT 2003

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org writes:

> You see the NTUser.DAT file is keyed to the user's SID and the Domain SID
> of the NT4 environment in which they were created. You need to either use
> the NT4 procedure as documented in the resource kit for migrating the
> profile, something that Microsoft only supports within the one domain
> anyhow, or else use the profile editting tool that Richard Sharpe has
> provided and that is part of samba-3.0.0 that will appear in the next
> alpha. Meanwhile you could download the source from the CVS tree and
> compile it yourself. It is called profiles.c. It would be best to build
> samba-3.0.0 from the CVS tree as this tool is build automatically when you
> do it this way.

I just compiled the latest snapshot but I can't figure out which program
is the one that I would want to use for editing profiles.
In source/profile/ I see profile.c and after the build I get only an object
file (profile.o) - so tried to grep all documents and sourcefiles for
something that gives me more info - but no luck.
I must have missed it I guess, doesn't help that it's 5am either :-(

Anyway, migrating 20 w2k workstations from an old NT 4.0 server to
samba 2.2.7a has cost me like 24 hours altogether now. I dont even
need the PDC functionality, I just dont want to reinstall all those
applications and settings on all those client machines ;-)

I wonder if I really have to buy the MS Resource Kit to get the info that
is needed to successfully migrate those silly profiles. I figured what
I am trying to do is something that other samba admins have faced before?!

Has anyone on this list done it? If yes, I'd really appreciate if you can
drop me a line.


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