[Samba] Adding users

naugaranch naugaranch at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 15 00:26:01 GMT 2003

I've never used mkscript to add samba users.  I'v always used the smbpasswd

smbpasswd -a <username> <password>

Also, you need to make sure the use is a valid user for the Linux machine
before adding to Samba.

Hope this helps.

Tom Winfield

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I have done some research on prior samba threads, but
haven't been able to find the light. I have setup a
new samba server and am trying to add users for user
level security on RH 8. I have created /etc/smbpasswd
using the mkscript and am trying to change passwords
to no avail. When I try to give a user a password, I
keep getting the following error:

Failed to find entry for user <user>.
Failed to modify password entry for user <user>.

Can anyone provide some insight to this?


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