[Samba] Password protect shares with

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at xsec.it
Tue Jan 14 22:43:01 GMT 2003

On Tue, 2003-01-14 at 23:22, Robert Adkins wrote:
> Simo,
> 	If you still need a user per share, isn't that the same as having an   
> account? I believe that RacerX was looking for a way to have anonymous   
> (With no username) access with a password.

that's one of the options, you may simply have a system wide guest
account with no password and be fine with that.
or have the same user for all shares, having just 1 (or a few) user
instead of one for each person that connects to the server is a big gain
with large user bases.


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