[Samba] Re: Can't add print drivers for existing printers

D. Aaron McCaleb amccaleb at reed-engineering.com
Tue Jan 14 16:38:00 GMT 2003

This leads into another problem I'm having, but I CAN get you passed this

>I've just upgraded from Samba 2.0 (Debian 2.2 "potato") to Samba 2.2
>3.0 "woody"), and I'm trying to get the print driver functionality working.

>My test server is a Debian 3.0r1 system running Samba 2.2.3a. My test
>is running Windows 2000 Professional SP1.

>I'm following the procedure in the Samba-HOWTO-Collection, namely:

>Browse to the Samba server
>Open the Printers folder
>Right-click a printer, select "Properties"
>Click "No" when asked if I want to install a print driver
>Advanced tab
>"New Driver" button

This is the wrong procedure for uploading the drivers should be:

Browse to the Samba server
Open the Printers folder
Right-click inside the printers folder (not on a printer)
Click "Server Properties"
Go to Drivers tab
Click Add, Next, and Choose driver or Have Disk
       (if you would like to add newer drivers than are on the CD)
Click Next and choose driver versions.
Browse to correct INF files for each version, as prompted.
        (If you get an "access denied" message after if finishes copying the
driver, you
         probably did this out of order.)

Once this is done, THEN you can:

Right click on printer, Choose properties
Say "No" to choose driver
Go to advanced tab

At this point, you shouldn't have to hit "New Driver".  You should be able
to choose the driver from the drop down box to "associate" that driver with
the printer.  At that point, automatic driver downloads should take place
when you add that printer to clients.  This part is not working for me.  If
you get this to work, please let me know what the fix might be!

My post on the list can be found at


Side Note:

I've found you don't have to use the Win2k disk.  You CAN download fresh,
updated drivers, as long as those drivers install via an *.inf file, and
don't rely on a separate setup file.  You just have to be able to point them
in the correct direction, AND you have to point them to the specific driver
prompted.  It will then ask for the Win95 drivers.

D. Aaron McCaleb, MCSE, CNA
Information Systems Manager
Reed Engineering Group, Inc.
amccaleb at reed-engineering.com

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