[Samba] Running Sage from a Samba server

Jannetta S Lewis jannetta at henning.org
Tue Jan 14 15:36:01 GMT 2003

Hi folks

I have a client with a Samba 2.2.0a server. I haven't upgraded it yet
because it has been working so smoothly that I don't want to fix what
isn't broken.

The problem we are having at the moment is with only one application and
that is Sage Accounting. The client is complaining that when more than one
person tries to update or run searches, things seem to "lock up". We
suspect that when one user accesses a file, the file is locked. Thus, the
next person has to wait before his request can be served. However, the
first request takes so long to fulfill that it looks like everything has
"locked up". The client says that left to it, everything sorts itself out
again - eventually.

At this point I'm just trying to find out whether there could be any Samba
issues that might be causing this as obviously, Sage support is now
starting to blame the unknown to them in this equation, which is Linux
(and off course Samba).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Jannetta S Lewis
email: jannetta at henning.org
home page: http://bright-ideas.keystroke.info

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