[Samba] iso8859-15 and 1252

deb_dup at club-internet.fr deb_dup at club-internet.fr
Tue Jan 14 15:15:01 GMT 2003


Samba use "character set= ISO8859-1" and "client code page= 850" by default. To have a better translation between Samba and Win98, I changed to "character set= ISO8859-15" all things are find but I noticed matter with "euro sign" which turn to "_" on my SMBbox. I have fr_FR at euro locale on my SMBbox and codepage 850 on Win98 if I believe config.sys.

Do I have to use "client code page= 1252" ? If yes, where I can find (or... how I can make)a codepage.1252 ?
Do I have to fix things with "valid chars" ?
Do I have to go inside unicode_map.ISO8859.15 ? If yes, how ?

Thanks for the answer and to Samba team for Samba soft AND books like "Using Samba".

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