[Samba] Which filesystem to increase Samba performances ?

Jean-Charles Preaux jc.preaux at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jan 13 21:18:47 GMT 2003

i'm a new suscriber of this mailing-list, hoping i'll be able to help u.
But before i've a question.
I've to mount a huge file server using Samba.
We bought a new server, using raid 5 technology.
My question is, now i've to install on it my favorite operating system :)
and i ask me which filesystem type i've to use to increase Samba performances on it, some people said me "xfs", others "ext3"...
Which one do u recommend me and why ?
hoping i've been clear with my question.

Jean-Charles Preaux

V_/_ Debian GNU/Linux user.

E-mail : jean-charles at preaux.org

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