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Mon Jan 13 18:22:01 GMT 2003

	If I understand what MS describes a CAL to be, then ANY machine that   
connects to the W2K file server (for file/print access) is considered a   
Client that requires a CAL. This would (I believe) also be the case if   
you setup the W2K fileserver to allow FTP access and you used FTP to   
connect to it from that Linux/UNIX Samba running system you wish to have   
browse the W2K system.

	If CALs are getting you down, take a look at using Samba as a PDC and   
get rid of those silly CALs. I did so here and while there were a few   
minor hiccups, we are running quite smoothly and I can swear that file   
transfer times are WAY up. (I never calculated the time difference, I   
just don't have the time.)

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Do I take a CAL of any type when using a samba client to connect to a w2k
file server or view the shares on a w2k file server ?

John Paciotti
CompuData Inc.
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